The Joke At The Party of Civilisations

The following news link tells of three Brazilian women ‘challenging the traditional family unit’ by marrying according to law in Brazil. I suppose it is a new thing for them to have a law officially pronouncing three women to be married but it all seems so beside the point, so tedious, as if—once again—we Westerners are casting about for something to make our lives interesting. Meanwhile, we forget that there are others at this party of so-called civilisations, who are rolling their eyes, even laughing.

Western culture is the funny little glitzy, flirty girl at the party who likes to paint herself up and imagine that everyone is talking about her supposed sexual innovations. Sorry love, but if you read history you will know that it’s all been done before—just with a few male warriors to protect you so you don’t get taken by the gremlins in the jungle. There’s nothing new or surprising here, it’s as old as Genesis.

To say that these women are ‘Challenging the traditional family unit’ is misleading and oh-so ‘tabloid’. Human beings have been getting together in various sexual arrangements since whenever and thinking of themselves as families. It’s embarrassing actually, this thing we in the West do with our narcissistic obsession and our determination to think of ourselves as on some cutting edge, some scandalous, avant gard, sexy thing. Frightening the rest of the world. Really?

2 thoughts on “The Joke At The Party of Civilisations

  1. They even say in the article that the union is not recognised by law anyway! Its all about justifying the way they feel about themselves and society has to find it acceptable. They are using the law to justify their life choices. They seem to not be able to live outside the laws, but want society to recognise and be happy with their choices. They expect the laws to be changed so they can be “free from guilt and bad feelings”.

    • yeah that’s it Tim. Kind of embarrassing. Dostoyevsky refers to a Russian proverb about a lawyer being a ‘hired conscience’.

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