I live in a small country town in Central West NSW, Australia.  Canowindra means ‘home’ in the local Wiradjuri language, which is fitting!  After growing up in Sydney, I spent about 8 yrs in 5 country towns, mostly in the vivid far west: Bourke & Broken Hill were most notable in terms of the vast spaces & brilliant skies, and in their impact on my spiritual journey & creative expression.  I’ve often reflected that that kind of landscape had enough space for all my questions, and there was definitely healing to be found there. I started songwriting in earnest out at Broken Hill, & my time there brought a lot of clarity & sanity to my thinking about God, life & myself.  A long grief journey found a lot of resolution during these years, too.

I moved here for love, marrying Chris under beautiful Autumn poplars on a farm where Cornerstone Community has been based for a couple of decades.  Chris & I lived (worked, trained & mentored) in the training community for 7 years, & had 3 little ones there too.  We then sensed God leading us to move into town, to be more accessible to people outside of the church culture.  This has been a great adventure in learning a deeper reliance on our Father, and a life based more & more on the idea of ‘the Missio Dei’ – the great heart of God at work in His world.  We’ve been joined by a few other families in intentional community here, which is a great privilege.

I’ve been writing songs for 20 years now (which has helped keep me sane, I’m sure).  My uni studies earlier on were in English, Drama, History & teaching; and I’m looking forward to having a bit more headspace to write in various ways in 2014, when my youngest starts school.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts & responses.


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  1. Every day I pray to our Lord and say thanks for the life he has given me. I pray for the love of Jesus to be in my heart so that people I come into contact with can also feel the happiness and joy that comes through him. I am mightily impressed with what you have done and what you are continuing to do.

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