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There are many ‘hard calls’ on us as followers of Jesus, but I wonder if the hardest of all is the call to love your enemy. If we can’t immediately connect with the word ‘enemy’, how about “Love the person who really frustrates you”, or “Love the person you struggle to like”, or “Love the person who has hurt and wounded you, or has threatened someone you care about”. That kind of call pushes us to the end of ourselves – it’s too hard to make it happen by sheer willpower alone, impossible really! The only way we can do it (and know how that love actually works, what it would look like) is to come in our weakness and need to the King of Love. “Lord, I don’t have that kind of love in me… I don’t even want to love this person, but I do want to be connected with you, and I am willing for you to begin your work of freeing me of the bitterness, resentment, wounds and grief, and to do your miracle of love in my life – please fill me with your love, even for this person…”. This is the place of despair and surrender I was in when I wrote this song. And this is where our true mission to others in this hurting world can begin – in brokenness and real dependence on the Father, rather than on our own efforts, however well intentioned.
“We believe that God delights in His world and us. We want to trust in His love, and allow it to transform our lives and our neighbourhood, that we neighbourhood, that we may overflow His presence where we are…”

This was the ‘mission statement’ of a missional community I was a part of in Ballarat in 2000 and 2001, and it’s still a statement that holds a lot of meaning and relevance for me. We had the idea of a natural reservoir, that collects the rain and run off until it is filled, when it can overflow the needed moisture to the land around it. I found this beautiful photo online a few years ago, and based an artwork on it that I’ll share below…

It’s a great visual for our lives as Jesus’ followers. As we grow more and more in our trust in the reality of God’s love, His love for US – that “never stopping, never giving up, unfailing, always-and-forever love”** – as we let our broken hearts rest in that truly safe place, as we bring our broken ways to the only one who can heal us, as we open ourselves to the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, to bring His truth and light into our darkness – He fills us with what we need to share with others around us, even those that are beyond our own capacity to love.
Let’s open our hearts afresh to Him today, and ask Him to show us His deep, unfailing, miraculous, resurrection-working love. It seems to be a very important step of growth when we can come to Him in desparation and throw ourselves on His gracious ability to free and grow us.

**(thanks Sally Lloyd Jones, Jesus Storybook Bible)

It really is true,
that without love I am nothing,
I can do nothing,
worse even than that,
all of my efforts are merely noise,
in the way of …

CH: The King of Love who breaks apart our delusions,
our pretensions,
Conquering, humbling, setting free our truest selves.

My arrogance and criticism have to die, please help them die!
How can a blind one such as I think to see more clearly than the King of Love (… Ch)

Don’t let me stand in the way of your life-giving love,
Don’t let my fear of pain block your way of life,
Don’t let my pride pervert your life-giving love,
Don’t give me my own way lest it block the way of your life-giving love…

Oh King of Love, please break apart my delusions, my pretensions,
conquering, humbling, setting free my truest self! AMEN!!

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