The Great Unraveller

We tie it all up so tightly,
the wrapping smooth and taut,
corners perfect,
string stretched and knotted.

We tie it all up so tightly
though it rattles if shaken –
and if truth be told
there’s one too many broken bits within.

We tie it all up so tightly,
trusting those knots to hold –
to discourage inquisitive fingers
or loving investigation.

We tie it all up so tightly,
even though we KNOW
that you are the great unraveller –
your determination endless.

You pick away at those ties,
one by one, so gently
caressing our deathgrip
till at last we open our fingers.

You pick away at that neat wrapping
to show us the gift of ourselves
– shaking out what needs to come free,
revealing the whole picture.

6/8/17 Cornerstone Women’s Retreat, Canowindra

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