The good gifts!

A recent demo recording: So many good gifts

I was reading a passage in The Return of the Prodigal Son (Henri Nouwen) aloud to Chris several years ago, and something in it was so impacting & profound that I was moved to tears as I read it. The section of his reflection on the prodigal son story was: The Father Celebrates. He explained that for some of us, all the pain & injustice we see in the world becomes central in our thinking; but that the Father celebrates every small event of faith, goodness & redemption. He said we need to learn to ‘steal’ (ie. notice, treasure, hold onto) all the joy that is there in life; recognising that it is just as real as the sadness & pain, although the darkness often shouts much louder.

This idea has been quite revolutionary in my whole way of living, and has dragged me out of the depths many times. The song’s lyrics encapsulate these thoughts, though I must say the style of the song was not quite what I was expecting (kooky banjo & Henri Nouwen seem like very unlikely bedfellows!).

(NB: You need to click on the blue song title above to hear the song)