The upside down kingdom in the land down under – part 2

This is Billy Williams’ second talk at Cornerstone’s 2104 muster.  For the first talk see the previous podcast.

The upside down kingdom in the land down under – part 1

Billy Williams is originally from Collarenebri in north-west New South Wales. He has proud connections to the Gomeroi peoples and droving families of the surrounding area. Billy is passionate about sharing and living out the kingdom of God, especially here in Australia. This is a podcast of the first talk from Billy at the 2014 Cornerstone Muster.

As the Father sent me – Muster 2013

Paul Roe is speaking at the annual Cornerstone Muster in Dubbo. His theme is Jesus’ statement “As the Father sent me” from John 20:21. Paul Roe is the National Director of Cornerstone and lives in Dubbo.

The Cost of Discipleship – Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner talks about the cost of discipleship, taking inspiration from the life and teaching of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Mark Skinner is a member of Cornerstone Community and teaches at the Burrabadine Mission Community. He is talking at Cornerstone’s annual muster.

The Cost of Discipleship – Les Follent

Les Follent talks at Cornerstone’s annual muster in Dubbo. Les is the Director of Training for Cornerstone Community and lives in Dubbo. He talks about discipleship and takes inspiration from the life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.