folk @ canowindra … 28 september 2014


Last month’s CASP-funded concert at folk@canowindra was a great success.  Musical duo Oscar and Marigold performed an impressive array of music from across the ages as well as around the world.  The audience were treated to a very special musical experience; as were most of Canowindra’s school students the next day.  This month, we are back to our regular format of an open mic session, together with a feature act.  Accoustic musicians and poets are invited to bring a song/poem or two to share with our warm and appreciative audience.  The session is held at taste Canowindra on the last Sunday of the month, from 4-6:15pm. 
Folk@canowindra is pleased to be presenting singer/songwriter J-L Rathbone as our feature act this Sunday, 28th September.  J-L grew up in the Blue Mountains, listening to and watching many guitarists, studying and rehearsing their techniques like every other schoolboy/bedroom hero.  However, as he grew he developed a love for writing and the spoken word.  Combining these two passions, J-L discovered and began to pursue his passion for expression through the art of songwriting.  A somewhat divided young individual, J-L spent many years pursuing his sporting ability in cycling.  This, however, had its limitations in the personal expression department, and he became tired of chasing a dream that didn’t feel natural.  After some dramatic lifestyle and personal changes, J-L finally committed to pursuing his lifetime love of music.
As wine is extracted from a grape or rich honey-like coffee from a crushed bean, it is evident that pressure extracts emotions from a battered heart.  Most certainly audible through J-L’s recently released EP entitled “All for you”, J-L is a lover of soul and blues as well as folk tunes.  For him there is never a tune that is too honest or too heartfelt.  “It’s about authenticity”, the songwriter says, “It’s about being real and sharing your heart with the world…”.  J-L’s honest approach to his songwriting cuts to the heart of issues that surround the lives of those in the 21st century western world.
Performers and listeners of all ages are welcome at folk@canowindra.  The venue is family friendly, and entry is by donation. All enquiries to Nerida Cuddy (0429 048 603).

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