folk@canowindra … 24th August – a special event!


We are privileged to be welcoming lauded composer Kim Cunio and award-winning singer and soloist Heather Lee, performing as “Oscar and Marigold”, to folk@canowindra this Sunday, thanks to the help of a CASP grant through Artsoutwest.  The grant application by folk@canowindra, known as “Opportunities Extended”, was intended to extend the contribution and impact of the folk club into the wider community during 2014.  The vocal workshop, Sing Canowindra, in May, was the first event in the project.  This time, the musicians will be performing for most of Canowindra’s school (and pre-school) children and teens the following day, which is a brilliant opportunity to expose the students to music and instruments from all over the world.

Oscar and Marigold are a captivating music duo, who are Sydney-based, but perform overseas regularly, and who have an established musical reputation for excellence. Comfortable in many languages and styles, Heather has one of the purest voices of our time, while Kim sings in velvety bass and plays a myriad of forgotten and rare instruments.

In this special concert, we will hear how medieval, celtic and folk musics come together. Repertoire will include the amazing Cantigas de Santa Maria, medieval Spanish song, and heart warming Irish ballads from Ireland and Scotland, even with a little contemporary Australian folk. Rare instruments will also be played including the hurdy gurdy, psaltery, saz and oud. See why Oscar and Marigold are a favourite at the Woodford Folk Festival.

This is an amazing and rare opportunity to hear such gifted musicians perform some of the world’s most beautiful music, and to broaden the musical horizons of all listeners.  The concert will take place at taste Canowindra (Ferguson St) on Sunday August 24, from 4-6pm, with entry by donation.  Come early to ensure a good seat.  All enquiries to Nerida Cuddy 0429 048 603.

PS. Here is some extra information about the duo, in case you want more …

“Moments of rhapsodic beauty” – Sydney Morning Herald

“A metaphor for the future of Australian culture” – The Australian

“A standard rarely equaled” – The Age

Heather Lee

Does Heather Lee possess Australia’s purest voice? This is a question many listeners have asked after hearing her in concert or recording. Heather has sung at the Whitehouse and United Nations, the Sydney 2000 Olympics, been the recorded voice for major events including the Asian Games and Winter Olympics, as well as major cultural events such as the touring of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Khalili collection of Islamic Art and the Maharajah of Jodhpur’s Sacred Art collection. With an ability to sing in many languages and styles, Heather (MCA Voice) has focused on both sacred traditional music and western classical music in her career. Heather has a longstanding commitment to singing the sacred, and has taken many listeners to the spiritual heights in her recordings and concerts. She has made a number of discs for the ABC including The Sacred Fire, music of Hildegard of Bingen Sweet Dreams, lullabies from around the world, and Under Eastern Skies.

Kim Cunio

Kim Cunio, PhD Composition, Masters in Music Composition, Bachelor of Music, is a composer, music historian, instrumentalist and singer who is equally at home in reconstructive, contemporary & classical music forms. Kim lectures at the QLD conservatorium as well as being active as a performer and composer. Kim has been commissioned to write opera, for the concert arena, and in a variety of other contexts including CDs, major events, festivals, installations, galleries, television and radio. Last year Kim completed a major work on Swami Vivekananda for the Sydney Opera House; this year his first opera is being premiered as well as the start of a multi disc project with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet.