Swan Hill Immersion Experience … a reminder from Martin

Hi Friends

Our immersion experience in Swan Hill is now only two weeks away (1-5 July). 
C S Lewis wrote “the church exists for nothing else than to draw people into Christ, to make them into little Christs“. 
People will have the chance to taste a community that has been developing disciples of Jesus over the last thirty five years.
Kylie Butler from milktomeat: “The Australian Church has a discipleship issue… There is a dichotomy between what we’re doing on a Sunday and what lives look like during the week. 
The Christian community in Australia is in a major crisis and for the most part we are 
completely unaware of it… There is a mandate to us as leaders, to foster engagement 
with the bible, to disciple, mentor and encourage congregations to take Jesus words 
A visit to our Cornerstone community is a great place to think through what’s really important and what you really want to do with your life.   And many people have found that it’s set them on a course that changes their life.
Please be inviting people to the immersion experience in our community where there is life deep formation for a lifetime of mission. Or you might like to come yourself. It’s open for a youth / young adults leader to bring some of their youth & young adults.  They can contact me on fb or martin@cornerstone.edu.au
Don’t forget our missional muster is the weekend directly before immersion experience (ie 29-30 June) and it’s also in Swan Hill.  So people can come to that too.
Grace & peace