‘2 Weeks’ at Swan Hill … 14-25 January 2013

Muster 2012 … stories & photos!

We asked Rosita Vincent (from Bendigo) to write a brief ‘update’ about our recent Muster, and we’ve added an album of photos from the weekend …

For the past 35 years or so, the members of Cornerstone Community and many friends and ‘alumni’ have mustered together for a weekend of good teaching and to share stories of what God has been doing amongst us.  We celebrate the men and women who have completed their two years training with us and are moving back to their home towns or into university and mission.  We also commission the new teams heading out to practice living out their faith, getting involved in youth work and community development in regional Australia.

Being a part of a Committed Company in Bendigo I really appreciate having a space made in the year where we can connect with the learning and missional communities spread around the country.  It was such a rich and inspiring time. Our ‘national’ community and leadership school hosted over 300 of us in Dubbo.  Such a great bunch of people to hang out with!

Our kids had a fantastic time catching up with the rest of the tribe.  The Walker family and friends ran an amazing kids program which included a 3 hour river float down the flooded Macquarie River for the teenagers!

The two teaching sessions this year focused on the life and teachings of Dietrech Bonhoffer and the need to count the cost of being a follower of Jesus Christ.  Mark Skinner highlighted that not following Christ has a cost too!  Such excellent, challenging and encouraging input, thanks Les and Mark!  It is so clear that to be an effective missional community each person needs to take their formation as a disciple of the Lord Jesus very seriously.

There was lots of free time to hang out together, a Catch up Cafe Friday night, a feast of spit-roasted absolutely delicious lamb, great singing together and then breaking bread.  Some of the young people, including our own 17 year old son, took the significant step of baptism.  Jesus made His presence felt amongst us.  To hear that beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic crowd of young (and not so young) people belt out the old Celtic hymn “Be Thou my Vision” at the end of the Muster filled my heart with joy and courage.

I hope you feel welcome to join us next year!

The Cost of Discipleship – Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner talks about the cost of discipleship, taking inspiration from the life and teaching of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Mark Skinner is a member of Cornerstone Community and teaches at the Burrabadine Mission Community. He is talking at Cornerstone’s annual muster.

The Cost of Discipleship – Les Follent

Les Follent talks at Cornerstone’s annual muster in Dubbo. Les is the Director of Training for Cornerstone Community and lives in Dubbo. He talks about discipleship and takes inspiration from the life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Intro to our training

We recently printed a new brochure to introduce our missional training courses.  Here’s a digital copy, but if you’d like some printed copies to pass on to others, please contact us and we’ll post them out to you!



Touchstone Summer 2012

The latest Touchstone newsletter for the friends of Cornerstone is now available HERE!

And its got a whole new groove!  (thanks to Jacqui Pitcher, our graphic designer)

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