Leadership 05 – Peter Volkofsky

The fifth talk in a series of talks on leadership by Peter Volkofsky, the Director of Mission for Cornerstone Community. For more of Pete’s ideas check out his blog http://blog.cornerstone.edu.au/pete/

Leadership 04 – Peter Volkofsky

The fourth talk in a series of talks on leadership by Peter Volkofsky, the Director of Mission for Cornerstone Community. For more of Pete’s ideas check out his blog http://blog.cornerstone.edu.au/pete/

From Dubbo to France …

A note from Paul Walker …
I was heartened as I read in one of the local rags a story that inadvertently shows some of the salt & light being spread into the local community as Cornerstone Community members throw themselves into life here in our Dubbo Community.

One of our teens was lucky enough to be able to join with a school excursion to France months ago. She sourced Paul Roe as a local historian, who was asked to visit the school to help the teacher make the most of this trip. In the article, the teacher tacitly pays his respects to Paul’s help in getting the most out of their trip. (There is even more to this story too, but you’d probably have to ask Hannah!)

Here’s a link to the article (in the digital mag as shared by Dubbo Photo News) …

I’ve also scribbled a few notes on the article (below) …

Midnite Cafe in Old Dubbo Gaol!

Come & see Hannah (from our Newcastle community) & others play at this special end-of-year Midnite Cafe in Dubbo …

folk @ canowindra … 25th november

The final shebang for folk@canowindra will be a rollicking good time, thanks to the feature band this month, November Shorn. This band has been playing around this area, in various forms, since 1981 (Canowindra was actually the venue for their very first performance)!  They have provided good fun, dancing and excellent music in all sorts of venues from Sydney to Bourke.   Paul Kelly, Geoff Tonkin, Ross Gilbert and Anne Hulak play a vast range of instruments – including mandolin, banjo, bazouki, guitars, bodhran, accordian, harmonicas, whistles, didgeridoo, lagerphones, slide guitar, mandolin, beatbox, flute, clarinet… and of course, the spoons!

So, for this last folk@canowindra for the year, there will be the option of sitting & toe-tapping, OR jumping up for a bush dance … as well as enjoying the usual open mic offerings!  Last month, we were amazed by the talents of 2 or 3 teenage performers from Cowra, and we’re excited about some local talent from Canowindra High school joining in this time as well.

Come along to taste Canowindra, Ferguson St, from 4-6pm, this Sunday 25th November.  All enquiries, including open mic spots, please contact Nerida Cuddy.

Revelation Intensive 2012 … some photos & feedback

For those who are interested, we thought we’d put together some photos & feedback from our adventure in the first week of October …

Some comments from those who came …

Please thank all the community for a wonderful week.  I felt like It was a foretaste of what it will be like when the Kingdom arrives in all it’s fulness and Jesus reigns everywhere.

Perhaps the best way I can summarise the blessing of the recent Revelation intensive would be to let you ‘eavesdrop’ on two conversations I had regarding the week:
Husband: “So are you glad you’ve made the effort to go?”
Me: “This is the calibre of teaching I’d expect at an international conference. It’s absolutely extraordinary. I can’t believe I got to be there!”

The other conversation was with my friend over breakfast:
Friend: “What was the main thing you got out of the intensive?”
Me: “Beforehand; if I had to sum Revelation up in two words they would have been ‘scary’ and ‘confusing’. Now I don’t feel that way at all. The pieces of the puzzle have really come together and I almost ‘get’ Revelation – and consider it exciting. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to say that about Revelation!”

“Then I saw a beast rising up out of the sea. It had 7 heads and 10 horns, with 10 crowns on its horns. And written on each head were blasphemous names. The beast looked like a leopard but had the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion! And the beast was given power and a throne and authority in the world.” – Rev 13:1-2

Before the Revelation intensive, passages like this one were meaningless to me. Like many, I found Revelation confusing and a bit of a “no-go zone”, and doubted there was much personal application for 21st Century Australians. How wrong I was …

Thanks to Les and fellow classmates, I now know how to unpack parts of Revelation and read it like the Hebrew mind would have (well, I’m getting there anyway). A week full of community, friendship, stick drawings, intense timelines, acting skills and Philadelphia cream cheese… I’d recommend it to anyone!!

Your teaching was creative, showed a great depth of background knowledge and was related to the real world very well, Les. Exceptional. Very high quality teaching.

Les did a really great job of explaining and story telling, really engaging. It was quite easy to get swept up with his obvious passion for and knowledge about revelation …

Getting a grasp of the world John lived in at the time was very valuable.  I also thought going through the time line and then having the time line on the back wall to refer to for history and context was excellent … and going through the chapters and making sense of what had previously been confusion was great.  Honestly, I loved every session …

The timeline was also really fantastic, as Revelation is really the culmination of a big story. Actually one of my favourite parts was going over the Israelite history in this context.

The evenings were wonderful. The worship times were wonderful. The lectures themselves were incredible. The whole week was inspiring and excellent. Thank you so very much.

Our Community Garden … in the news!

This article was published in a recent edition of the Bendigo Magazine.

Leadership 03 – Peter Volkofsky

The third talk in a series of talks on leadership by Peter Volkofsky, the Director of Mission for Cornerstone Community. For more of Pete’s ideas check out his blog http://blog.cornerstone.edu.au/pete/

Canowindra open week 2012 … 26-30 November