folk @ canowindra … 24th June

We are in for another treat on June 24 at taste Canowindra. Jules & Bonny Wythes, two Cargo farm gals, mother and daughter, will be performing together for the first time. Their music covers a range of different genres of music with their “homegrown” numbers inspired by the late Johnny Wythes – local singer/songwriter and legend. Julie plays keyboards and played with John and their band on numerous occasions in and around Canowindra throughout the last 10-20 years. Bonny, their daughter, is a beautiful singer and guitarist with performances at local gigs already up her sleeve; and has also been guest singer at a few local venues over the last year.

There is also an open mike for other accoustic music or poetry performers. It’s a great way to spend Sunday afternoon, 4-6pm, Ferguson St, Canowindra. Entry is free, but please bring a donation for the feature act. Enquiries: Nerida Cuddy 0429 048 603.

Desert Trek 2012 … 10-14th July


G’day all!

Desert Trek is going ahead this year, and this is a quick heads up with some basic info.

Desert Trek is a great opportunity to spend some time out to reset and be refreshed, contemplating good things in a beautiful setting. The actual desert trek time will be the 11th -13th of july, travelling across on the 10th and returning on the 14th. I’ll be at Sturt’s Meadow, about 80km north of Broken Hill.

I’ll send out a flyer with more info, but in the meantime, please let me know if you are interested, and pass this on to anyone you know who might be also be interested

i’ve set up a facebook group which you are most welcome to join to ask questions, discuss etc:

Otherwise, email me on or




Bendigo Regional Muster 2012

burrabadine’s intensive on ‘revelation’ … 1-5 october

This is an opportunity to explore ‘Revelation’ – what it meant to its original readers, and what it means to us – as part of our learning community at ‘Burrabadine’ (10km west of Dubbo).  There will be stimulating and interactive sessions each morning, some personal tasks and community involvement each afternoon, worship, time to think and pray, and time for unhurried conversations and meals together.

This intensive is intended for anyone who would like to work through the substantial challenges involved in interpreting and applying ‘Revelation’, which must surely be one of the most mis-understood and mis-applied books of the Bible!  It would help if you are already a thoughtful reader of the Bible, and ready to participate actively in discussions, do some guided reading and to re-consider assumptions and presuppositions.

This intensive actually covers the second half of the unit AB603A Exegete & apply New Testament books today from our Advanced Diploma in Christian Studies, so those enrolled will be part of the group. 

However, it is also intended as a ‘stand alone’ week of input, reflection and fellowship for anyone who would like to join us.  Our hope is that it could be a great ‘refresher’ for those who have done training with Cornerstone in the past, and also a genuine blessing for those who haven’t, but would like to get a taste of what Cornerstone’s training, community and mission is all about.