muster 2011 … "the best yet!"

Living Love

Last weekend the annual Cornerstone Community Muster kicked off with a Team Leader’s Dinner and the traditional “Catch-up Cafe” held out at Burrabadine on Friday night. The light and colour of this first evening set the tone for the weekend … “a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere”. 

Saturday morning began with prayer and singing, leading into the first talk by James Webb … ‘Living in the Love of God’.  James spoke of this “living in” as shaped by obedience to the Father, an obedience in line with our true, remade selves – not the selves which would continue in their old mess of selfishness and pride.

Next came a time of reporting on mission, where stories from the year were shared by members of Cornerstone’s missional teams and companies (long-term communities).  The day was then topped off with a series of baptisms in the Macquarie river, an afternoon of work-shopping various topics ranging from Committed Companies to Growing Young Men, and finally a meal and a night of beautiful and entertaining performances – musical and otherwise!

Sunday brought part two of the talks, from Paul Roe on ‘Living Out the Love of God’ – a life lived in response to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The day continued in celebration of God and his work in and through the community, with discipleship affirmations, communion, and a time of commissioning, pointing the way forward for another year.

“All in all, the weekend was a great time of reconnecting with the wider community of Cornerstone, enjoying friends, and tuning into God afresh”.

We’ve had some requests about photos of the baptisms, so we’ve included them below.

By the way, if you can’t see the photos above, try going directly to the muster 2011 album and the baptisms 2011 album.