Jesus and the Kingdom/ and the Cross/ and God/ the World’s True Light

Speaker: N.T Wright

Topic Area: Historical Jesus

Approx. Length: 4 talks, approx 1 hr each

Review: These four talks together provide one of the best summaries of what is a very in depth work from Tom Wright. I have listened to them many times and have found they have profoundly impacted my understanding of Jesus and of how we are called to live now because of the understanding.
Considering the length of the books these are drawn from, these talks are a great way of getting to hear and grasp really clearly how to make sense of Jesus historically. They are challenging talks, and may confront long-held ideas but they come from Wright’s faithfulness to the scripture and should be given a fair hearing. It has certainly changed how I have read and understood the gospels.
The link below is for the NT Wright page and includes lots of other podcast and articles. These four are the first listed in the audio section. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Steve Johnston

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